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 Sample of Arzach


Art: Moebius

Script: Moebius

Status: One Shot

Genre: Science Fiction

1. 1976 32p.Arzach
Original CoverDark Horse: Moebius (DH) #1: ArzachHeavy Metal: Heavy Metal Presents #1: ArzachGraphitti Design: Moebius HC #1: Moebius 1Epic Comics: Moebius, Complete #2: Arzach

Bull Moebius (DH) #1: Arzach

By: Dark Horse

ISBN: 9781569711323 (80p.) (1996) Format: Softcover

Bull Heavy Metal Presents #1: Arzach

By: Heavy Metal

ISBN: 9780930368883 (1977) Format: Softcover

Bull Moebius HC #1: Moebius 1

By: Graphitti Design

As: 'Arzach'

ISBN: 9780936211107 (1989) Format: Hardcover, Signed, Limited Edition

Bull Moebius, Complete #2: Arzach

By: Epic Comics

ISBN: 9780871352798 (72p.) (1987) Format: Softcover

Contains (French):

Arzach (8p) (Art & Script: Moebius) (Heavy Metal #1: 1977 April)

Harzack (2p) (Art & Script: Moebius) (Dark Horse (1990) : The Forbidden work of Jean Giraud)

(Heavy Metal #4: 1977 July)

Arzak (8p) (Art & Script: Moebius) (Heavy Metal #3: 1977 June)

Harzak (8p) (Art & Script: Moebius) (Heavy Metal #2: 1977 May)

Harzakc (8p) (Art & Script: Moebius) (Heavy Metal #4: 1977 July)

Arzach (5p) (Art: Moebius | Script: Jean-Marc Lofficier, Randy Lofficier)