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 Sample of Arsène Schwauwen

Arsene Schwauwen

Arsène Schwauwen

Art: Olivier Schrauwen

Script: Olivier Schrauwen

Status: One Shot

Genre: Adventure

n 1947, the author's grandfather, Arsene, travelled across the ocean to a mysterious, dangerous jungle colony at the behest of his cousin. Together they would build something deemed impossible: a utopia of modernity, in the wilderness - but not before Arsene falls in love with his cousin's wife, Marieke. Whether delirious from love or a fever-inducing jungle virus, Arsene's loosening grip on reality is mirrored by the reader's uncertainty of what is imagined or real by Arsene.

2015 256p.Arsène Schwauwen
Original CoverFantagraphics: Arsene Schrauwen

New! Arsene Schrauwen

By: Fantagraphics

ISBN: 9781606997307 (250p.) (2014) Format: Hardcover