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Publisher: Fantagraphics

MomeMome #17: Winter 2010
Congo Chromo 1-211p.Art & Script: Olivier Schrauwen
MomeMome #18: Spring 2010
A Taxing Experience4p.Art & Script: Nicolas Mahler
Can I Help You Find Anything?5p.Art & Script: Nicolas Mahler
Dumped10p.Art & Script: Ivan Brun
Original and Copy3p.Art & Script: Nicolas Mahler
MomeMome #19: Summer 2010
The Imaginist20p.Art & Script: Olivier Schrauwen
MomeMome #20: Fall 2010
Goodbye Mr. Nibs3p.Art & Script: Nicolas Mahler
The Grotesque Obsession of Professor Hackensack5p.Art & Script: Sergio Ponchione