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Heavy Metal Special

Publisher: Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal SpecialHeavy Metal Special #1: 1982 Best of
Approaching Centauri6p.Art: Moebius, Script: Philippe Druillet
Ballade9p.Art & Script: Moebius
City Of Flowers10p.Art: Picotto, Script: Philippe Druillet
Free Fall8p.Art & Script: Moebius
Planet Of Terror7p.Art: Caza, Script: Paul Lamontellerie
Master8p.Art & Script: Jean-Michel Nicollet
Virgo6p.Art & Script: Caza
White Night8p.Art: Nicole Claveloux, Script: Zha
Mémoires #2: The Death Of Orlaon, Or: Legendary Immortality (5. The Death Of Orlaon, Or: Legendary Immortality)4p.Art & Script: Enki Bilal
Terres creuses (Les) #1: Going To Pieces (2. Going To Pieces)9p.Art: Luc Schuiten, François Schuiten, Script: François Schuiten, Luc Schuiten