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Joanna Rubin Dranger


Country: Sweden


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Fröken Märkvärdig & KarriärenArt & Script: Joanna Rubin Dranger
Penguin Books: Miss Remarkable and Her Career

Bull Miss Remarkable and Her Career

By: Penguin Books

ISBN: 9780142003008 (224p.) (2003) Format: Softcover

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In a world where what you do defines who you are, Miss Remarkable is having a hard time finding her way. Starting out with goals that are impossibly high, she despairs that nothing she does is ever good enough. We follow her as she vainly seeks guidance from dubious friends, demanding parents, and well-meaning boyfriends, eventually realizing that only by listening to herself will she find real happiness. Joanna Dranger's vivid line drawings provide brilliant and hilarious visual metaphors for the kind of anxious uncertainty that plagues overachievers everywhere. A bestseller in Europe, Miss Remarkable and Her Career is sure to become a big hit in the United States as well.